Must-Haves When Stocking Your Bar

Hosting a party that will include alcoholic beverages? The last thing you want is to run out of any of the drinks’ ingredients—or, worse, never having one or more ingredients from the start. Running out of alcohol will not only cause you more stress, it can also make for some very crabby party guests. Don’t let this happen to you! Take these tips to ensure your well won’t run dry!

Each guest will drink an average of two drinks the first hour and one drink each hour thereafter; 40 percent will drink beer, 30 percent will go for hard liquor, and 30 percent will choose wine. A one-liter bottle of alcohol yields about 22 mixed drinks. Evite’s Drink Calculator ( lets you plug in the length of your party; how many light, average and heavy drinkers are attending; and what kind of alcohol you're serving. It then tells you how much to buy.

All home bars should have vodka, gin, rum, tequila and whiskey (bourbon or rye). Splurge on whiskey, because people drink it straight or on the rocks. But don't go with premium with vodka, gin, rum and tequila, because partygoers will mix them with something else. If your crowd includes fans of martinis or Manhattans, stock dry and sweet vermouth and bitters.

As for wine, figure on one bottle per eight guests. White is popular in warm weather, but when the temps drop, many folks choose the red. Go with a 60/40 ratio so you have slightly more red than white.

You don’t need fancy juices and sodas, but you do need the basics: two quarts each of store-brand orange juice and cranberry juice for up to 35 guests. And grab some small bottles of lemon and lime juice. For every 35 guests, have six liters each of club soda or seltzer, cola, diet cola and lemon-lime soda, and four liters each of ginger ale and tonic.

When it comes to ice, get 1.5 pounds per person, which will ensure there’s enough for drinks and chilling beer and wine.

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